Like David Lebovitz said (davidlebovitz.com) in one of its newspaper articles : « Forget Catherine Deneuve and Carole Bouquet ; The most photographed and revered woman in Paris is Denise Acabo. » Having heard that her shop (closed for 1 year after a gas explosion) had re-open, I went there to meet her ; She was wearing a schoolgirl uniform (like always) and beautiful blonde pigtails. She’s so happy to be there, close to her customers, in the heart of her neighborhood. Denise Acabo spent years, sourcing, meeting artisans and seeking the best products, the rarest sweets and chocolates… Visit her ! She’s a good storyteller.



















As you can see on this picture : Denise still uses as wrapping paper some old and rare paper with “devinettes d’Epinal”.